welcome aboard this extraordinary project

About the project

The goal of the TITANIIC project is to build the modernized replica of the legendary RMS Titanic. This new vessel, the TITANIIC, is the successor of the original ship. The TITANIIC preserves especially the external shapes and designs and the First and Second class accommodations. The Third Class is inspired by the trends of the 21st Century and incorporates innovative technology.

We also want to preserve the original legacy of the famous RMS Titanic, which besides other things was the most luxurious a modern ship of its era. The new TITANIIC will not bet he biggest ship of all times, but it will have completely new technological and ecological solutions to produce energy, but also to secure safety and comfort for the passangers.

We intend to offer something that today’s large cruise ships cannot: the luxury and comfort with a vintage touch. Thanks to concealed modern technology, you will be able to enjoy spectacular entertainment, as well as sports and cultural experiences. Once you board TITANIIC, you will be transported to a lost era. One step on the board and you will feel the euphoria of this unique opportunity to sail on the Ship of Dreams. TITANIIC will become a world-known icon.