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Electronic certificate $5

Electronic certificate TITANIIC with your name, your address and the number of the limited edition. The certificate is personally signed by the creator of the project, Ondřej Vrkoč.

As a bonus, one of these certificates will be randomly chosen and its owner will receive a boarding pass for the opening voyage of the TITANIIC.

Name on the TITANIIC $10

Do you wish to have your name immortalized on the board of TITANIIC? We will engrave your name on the Wall of Heroes together with other heroes, who support us. This wall will be placed on the board of TITANIIC by the entrance to the historical museum RMS TITANIC.

Rivet TITANIIC $99

Do you want to touch new TITANIIC and have a piece of it at home in the form of manually forged rivet? Part of the forged rivet is cut off and forged again into the head of the rivet. Eventually, that rivet with the same serial number will be attached to the hull of TITANIIC. You can literally create TITANIIC and be a part of its soul!

Rivets for fans of our project TITANIIC are made by art blacksmith Jaroslav Vrábel. The entire production process is manual hard work.

Cabin TITANIIC $499

Beautiful decorative plate with your name, number of the limited series and a mark of a first class apartment. You will get this brass plate in luxurious package and you can keep it right home or in your office. The same plate (i.e. its exact copy) will be on the door of the cabin on board of TITANIIC.

On top of that, after the ship is built, you will have a chance to cut the tape of this cabin and to peel off the protective foil of the plate with your name.

Opening cruise $2,900

It isn't every day that you get the opportunity to be the chosen one. Experience the unique feeling of being the first one on board! Let yourself get spoiled by the royal luxury of the first class of TITANIIC, walk down the legendary staircase and stroll around the board to the accompaniment of the creators of the project.

Christening of TITANIIC – Godfather of TITANIIC + All inclusive package $100,000

Going down in history as the person who christened TITANIIC – only one of you will get that opportunity. Only one can become the "godfather" of TITANIIC. Stand next to its creators on the stage during the ceremony in front of dozens of VIP guests and push the red button. 

This unique prize will be personally handed over by the authors of the project in a luxury hotel. Plus hand-painted picture with new TITANIIC by actor who played in megafilm TITANIC 1997 by James Cameron.