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About us

The idea to build a new Titanic came to the mind of Ondřej Vrkoč in 2008. He was a huge fan of the original Titanic then. Now he is a world-recognized expert.

The first important milestone of this project took place at the beginning of 2011, when the REVIVAL of the TITANIC company was founded. Although the budget for the project was zero, Ondřej was constantly looking for a way how to make his dream come true. With the help of Ivan Samák, the former director of Chvaletice’s shipyard, Ondřej found himself in one of the world's largest shipyard, STX France where he established a partnership with the Vice President, Alain Bück.

For the next four years, Ondřej, as a visionary of the project, was gaining the necessary experience in the field of naval construction, history of the original Titanic, but also in the field of business. During business negotiations in late 2015, Ondřej met Michal Alijev, an experienced financier, who eventually enriched his team. In 2016, the financial plan and complete study of the vessel TITANIIC was created. Although the achievement of the goal is still far away, the project has started to gain momentum.